For this week’s assignment, I was required to create a Destiny Electric presence on two community platforms. For the assignment, I picked Pinterest and Flickr. Full disclosure, I was not overly familiar with either platform. I have been on both looking at pictures, but I had never before posted on either. So this was a learning experience.

Also, this community platform is a new process for Destiny Electric. So as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the photo bank we have at our disposal is lagging, and due to that I am relegated to using some familiar pictures. Ultimately though, I think this was a good start.

The first platform I chose was Pinterest. 

Destiny Electric Pinterest Account

Week 10-1.png

The first platform I chose was Pinterest. Which was daunting at first but it turned out to be a fun process. When I first started the task of creating a Pinterest page for Destiny Electric I thought it was going to be somewhat useless. However, after selecting the initial pictures for the Pinterest page, it seems as if I was done with the task (excluding the captions). While it seemed as though it was going to be a quick process, fortunately, it wasn’t. In reality what happened was that I realized that I was going to have to add/create new tags. After I started to edit the tags, I then realized I could only link to one web address to each photo. So I decided to edit each image with either the Facebook page or web address (making sure that correlating pictures received the same link). However, I did try to link an even number to both the company site and Facebook page.

By this point, I have spent so much time that I did not want to use my initial comments, which led to my having to rewrite the tags, which leads to new information being included in the actual page. I then had to add new information, such as a creating an album name, and making sure to include the “City of Jacksonville” on each image. In the end, I created what I see as being a good start to the Destiny Electric Pinterest page, and I believe we will upkeep the Pinterest page for years to come.

The second platform I chose was Flickr.

Destiny Electric Flickr Account


I think I honestly made a mistake choosing Flickr as my second choice. The reason for that opinion is that Flickr never got easy, and in the end, I’m not very happy with the look. Also, Flickr is a site that has always had a spotty history regarding users and what was free, and what was not free (Kim, 2016; Honan, 2012). So I have always been a little hesitant in my use of Flickr because it reminds me of Webshots (remember them) which is a company that burned me years ago. In using Flickr, it always seems lonely, in that rarely do you appear to do anything but play the waiting game. The images are nicely presented, and you have the ability to put captions and links (I prefer the way Flickr displays web links) on the pictures, but it never seems like a community. With Pinterest, I was able to see the bank in which my photos were included, but there was nothing like that on Flickr. Also, it was a bit cumbersome to navigate regarding photo placement and page manipulations. I’m sure that it is a great platform, but is it worth the time? For many, the answerer is an emphatic yes, but for me, I am just not sure.

In the end, this assignment was fun because it took me a bit out of my comfort zone. I created a couple of pages (Pinterest and Flickr) for the brand/company. Both of which will help with the online presence of Destiny Electric. As mentioned earlier, I do not think I will stick with the Flickr account. I am in no way saying it is useless, but I don’t believe it is worth the time invested. However, the very opposite holds true for Pinterest. In fact, when time permits, I intend to create an account specifically for Destiny Electric, not just a page on my personal account (which I had never used for more than access to pictures). I was able to quickly see just how easy Pinterest makes it to show off your company to many people.


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