One of the things that customers have commented on, and Destiny Electric has always been proud of, is the job is always very clean when finished. The truth is that many people in the industry do not seem to care about the cleanliness of the job. Shane, the owner of Destiny Electric, is anal-retentive, and many of us have had jobs completed where we were responsible for the cleanup after the contractor left. Therefore a clean-job approach was a natural progression, and it has served Destiny Electric well. Unfortunately, it is not the industry-standard.




The following photos are the Snapchat images used in the “Snapchat Story.”





Naturally, there is no way to effectively advertise everything at once. As the images suggest, this story/advertisement was about making a point that the things the company does are not by accident or unnoticed. In fact, when hiring new employees, there are a few rules laid out on the first day. “A job is not finished until every thing is tidy, that includes cleaning the work area and removing all tools and garbage. Some customers want to keep their boxes. However, Destiny Electric hauls boxes away, without extra charge. The idea is that your home (as a customer) should look the same as it did when Destiny Electric arrived (excluding the work completed).


I must admit that I enjoyed this process (Snapchat Memories). I cannot say that I was familiar with it though. I have had a Snapchat since the first release; however, I only liked the first version. Once it started to become overly involved, and later ripped-off by Instagram (with a better process) I just simply quit using it, but I have never used it for anything other than personal info. That is what made this project fun. In terms of using this program for marketing seems very fun and likely a great tool. There are however, two concerns that I have. First is whether or not your time could be better spent? In theory, it is a great idea to be on multiple social sites, but what is the opportunity cost associated with its use? Would your company be better with a full-time Facebook account manager? Or the time on Snapchat dedicated to constant twitter updates. If you have the staff, money, or are just gutsy enough to try it, it might be worth it, assuming Snapchat doesn’t collapse1

Which brings me to my second point, Snapchat may fail because two things are currently happening; one is that Snapchat is losing users that find Instagram’s similar (basically the same) to be just as good. What need have they to change between apps when they are basically the same, except one has more features? The other is most likely linked to the hemorrhaging of users, which is, the hemorrhaging of money. Currently Snapchat is trying to go public with the company (much like Twitter in 2013), unfortunately, when Snapchat released their financial documents for 2016, it showed they spent far more in 2016 than they made (much like Twitter in 2013)2

However, Twitter was saved, I believe primarily because of good strategy, also the soon-to-be President Trump, relied heavily on Twitter, and helped bring it back into prominence (does Trump own stock in Twitter?). In any case, the likelihood of Snapchat getting the kind of resurgence that Twitter has garnered between January 2014 and January 2017 seems unlikely. Therefore, I am left with the ultimate question at to whether or not I would spend the money on a program that is (currently) as likely to fail as succeed? I honestly cannot say that I would.


As for how Snapchat could be used for marketing. One way would be throwback advertising, using the web page to reach customers through memories, or throwback can show potential clients how far your brand has come. I believe the best way; to use Snapchat Memories is keeping it as a general portfolio. For anyone that cares to look it allows a brand to keep much content up and public3.

As mentioned, the ability to dedicate a team to Snapchat is not viable for most companies, and an advertisement that fades away every 15 seconds is not a very beneficial practice for an advertiser. So, with memory’s it allows a user to repurpose content, unlike the throwback process, simply being able to repurpose parts of last week’s marketing plan would alleviate some of the time constraints4.

Another exciting aspect of Snapchat is that it allows adverts to be created using graphics. While most advertisements require advanced editing software to use graphics and you basically cut and paste the image, Snapchat allows you to use graphics from within the Snapchat program. While those graphics may not be the most advanced, the simplicity is part of the charm5.




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