Push/Pull Techniques?

I’m afraid that the push tactics used by Destiny Electric are lacking. Email marketing is non-existent. Neither is mail, online and/or event advertisements. After 2006 much of the paper marketing was discontinued, due to lack of ROI and closure of outlets used. While Destiny Electric lacks in Push marketing, the company has always had a strong pull marketing structure. Nearly all of the Destiny’s tactics used for reaching the customers is through the pull strategy. Many marketers argue that word of mouth is the most important, and that has held true since the company’s founding. However, word of mouth has dropped over the last eight years. The explanation for the decline in WOM is that the economic downturn has caused the demise of many of the general contractors, and small businesses the DE has been working with over the last 15+ years. Therefore, adjustments have been made. Since the waning of WOM in the last 5-6 years, Facebook has become a beneficial tool for Destiny to reach potential customers. In fact, there was more than an 18% uptick in sales figures within the first 12 months of creating a quality Facebook page (the original FB page was poorly handled and was replaced in 2016).

Mobile Friendly?

Destiny Electric has a mobile friendly site (see mobile screenshot below) in conjunction with the traditional site. When Destiny worked with the website designer, having a mobile friendly page was one of the contractual requirements. The mobile friendly page allows for a large display of the company logo, company phone number, a link to the Facebook page, a link to Angie’s List reviews, and a menu button. All of the items listed are included on the main page of the mobile site.



Sharing Social Buttons?

The site includes a link to the Facebook and Angie’s list pages. Destiny does not have the manpower to handle multiple social media pages. Destiny uses Facebook because Facebook has a broad audience, but unlike many social media pages, Facebook has a booming older demographic. Since the customer base is homeowners and business people, Facebook is the best choice. Twitter is another option but is requires constant updates throughout the day to stay visible. That is what led to the elimination of the other social media choices.


Recommendations for site IMC/Branding?

The first three recommendations I would make are as follows. Create an Instagram account, follow other companies on Facebook, and make Facebook posts on a more regular basis, or at least post on the same day every week. Instagram is a site that many people visit to get inspiration. That visitation could lead to viewers becoming inspired to start a new project, and by association, hire Destiny Electric. I would recommend putting link buttons between social media, but NOT linking the posts. Always keep the social media posts original and on their specific platforms.

Lastly, continue the current branding plan. One of the most significant changes that have been made in the last six months was the new company logo. In trying to create a stronger brand image the logo was created using a design that incorporated the name into a design, instead of a generic logo, that is nothing more than a name. That has helped the vehicles stand out on the road. With that new logo, has come new pens, company shirts have been completely replaced, business cards have been updated, and all employees now have cards (one of the only forms of push marketing used). Lastly, all pages and paperwork now have a consistent logo that gives Destiny Electric a real brand identity.


Competitor 1 (United Electric)


Push/Pull Techniques?

In living in the same city (and the child of a former employee), I can say that I have never seen any form of push marketing by United Electric since the yellow page’s advertisements 20 years ago. In reality, the company is a staple in Jacksonville, Florida. The company has been around since the 60s and is one of the oldest electrical contractors in Jacksonville. However, through using United’s online presence as a litmus test, there is very little regarding advertising, by United Electric. It appears that word of mouth (pull) marketing is their greatest marketing strategy.

Mobile Friendly?

No. The sight designed for regular web use is the only page that exists (screen cap below). It is not the most convenient, and worse; it makes it more difficult for the user to navigate the site on a mobile device (due to its small size).


Sharing Social Buttons?

After 10 minutes of searching, I could not find any UE social media pages. Therefore, there were no social media buttons to be had, inevitably the corporate site was void of social media buttons.

Recommendations for site IMC/Branding?

In general, United has created a significant presence with the orange truck/vans that they put on the road every day. It has worked very well, which is why the company still exists. However, UE is getting smaller by the year. The first recommendation would be to start social media pages and create a mobile site. The number of customers that have mentioned that they found Destiny through Facebook was a shock to everyone at Destiny. United has always had a bright market presence, but the company is fading. That is why a simple Facebook page and Google+ page, using an identical profile image, will help re-energize a strong public image. United Electric is far too established (50+ years), to look so “new” in the online format. Update the web presence. Create a presence that demonstrates the fact that the company is a staple in the Jacksonville community.


Competitor 2 (Moore Electrical Contractors Inc.):


Push/Pull Techniques?

Regarding Push techniques, I cannot see much that suggests that Moore has any strategies in place when it comes to push marketing. I don’t see any billboards or mention of flyers or newsletter. I also do not see any mention of the company outside of their website. The company seems to rely heavily on the website to show the customer that they exist. However they do seem to have a presence with the BBB and Angie’s List.

Mobile Friendly?

Moore Electrical Contractors Inc. has a very nice mobile web page, which is a must for today’s busy viewer. The idea that for a person to see your web page, they have to be sitting in front of a computer screen is an outdated perception. On the home screen of Moore’s mobile page (see below). They quickly allow access to email, the name of the company (with a link to go inside the site). More importantly, they have the phone number and a picture depicting the quality of their work and a menu button. This is an example of a high-quality mobile website.


Sharing Social Buttons?

In what could be a detriment to the company; there are not any social media buttons on the website, which is not surprising because there does not appear to be any Moore Electrical social media pages. I believe it is a severe mistake to opt out of creating a social media presence.

Recommendations for site IMC/Branding?

In this industry, the product/service provided is very much controlled by the consumer. Therefore, the contractor doesn’t much control over trends. However, using social media can be not only useful for reaching new clients, but it can also be helpful in learning about new trends. Social media is a new and intriguing tool for market research. An electrical contractor shouldn’t learn about new products after a customer brings it up, it should be previously researched so that you can provide the best possible opinion for the client to consider. However, getting a social media (at least Facebook) is an absolute must for and small business. If nothing else, a Facebook page is like a website, it gives you a chance to show that you are not a company of poor quality, and/or out of touch.



Today an online presence is one of, if not the, most important aspect of an Integrated Marketing Plan. In the analysis of these three companies, it is apparent that they all have a very similar structure and client base. However, there are a few IMC/Branding changes that would be beneficial to all three. Continue to make changes to the website because it is the home base, there should always be something new to entice the customer, but understand that nothing is perfect. Therefore, you must get information out quickly, even if it is not perfect, sometimes good enough is as good as you can afford (Erickson, 2016). The website is the hub of the online IMC, and once it is solidified, you must branch out. Start sending emails to clients and former clients, and build a significant online presence. That doesn’t mean creating a “bland” account on every social site, what it means is pick one or two sites. Facebook and Instagram are good choices if you have the workforce to afford to make constant posts, consider Twitter. However, DO NOT link your account posts, each post on each forum should be original, don’t be boring and have your Instagram automatically post to Facebook. It is annoying, and it doesn’t give viewers to an incentive to check both accounts regularly. With a quality social media presence created, two things must be completed. One, you must start to build relationships (preferably) by answering questions. Two, join other groups, it helps bring a presence to a larger audience, and it makes it easier for people to find your company and page. The final things all of these companies must do is, be patient and analyze traffic data. In one afternoon of analysis at destiny we discovered that we were posting (primarily) too early or too late in the day. (Rhoads, 2017; Erickson, 2016; Godwin, 2016; Mineo, 2015)




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